Totalize 750-2C Series


As the next generation of totalize units we introduce the 750-2C system, which can be set to automatically determine the total count and weight of a given sample, use a barcode scanner to identify the sample or the industrial quality keyboard (optional) to type in the sample identity and produce labels and collect data in a spread sheet.

The unit works as follows: the operator pours tha sample into the feeder bowl and either scans the bar code of the sample with the bar code scanner or types in the sample information with the optional keyboard plugged into the unit. This starts the unit and counts all the seeds into the balance container. When in automatic mode and no additional seeds are detected, the unit then weighs the sample and computes the number of seeds per gram, kilogram, ounce, or pound and alternately displays (1) the seed count, (2) seed weight, and (3) the number of seeds per unit Kg or other unit of weight.

A switch on the internal control panel (available through a door in the top of the cabinet) can be used to change from automatic mode to manual mode where the operator detects when all seeds have been delivered and operates a switch on the front panel to end the test. With the end of the test the unit will transmit all thesample information via the RS-232 data line and enter it into a spread sheet in an external computer. If the units is equipped with a removable C-Flash memory card the data is logged into this card for subsequent input to and external computer. The unit can also print a label with the sample data or print the information into a papper tape forfuture reference.

This model is very simple to use and comes with much easier to read display using OLED technology with dark background for intense light conditions.

The Unit may be ordered (extra cost option) with a scale with 1 mg resolution (0.001 gram) rather that the 10mg resolution (0.010 gram) that is standard when working with small, light weight seeds that require higher resolution weighting

As part of this family of new counters it can be ordered as "Thousand Seeds Weigh Instrument" - 1000sw (before TSWi) - which automatically counts a prefixed number of seeds and obtains its total weight. All other features of the 750-2C are present for this unit, such as sample identification, label printing and data collection.

Typical complete systems can be reviewed they are suitable for common applications such as quality control, inventory, test plot results, count per volume or weight. You can configure your own system for your special needs here

The Model 750-2 Total Count System is normally used for quality control applications where the total count of a given lot, volume, or weight is needed. Inventory control is a common use. The System consists of (1) The Model 750-2 Counter Control Unit, (2) Counting Head (Total Count Only Type) mounted on a system base plate, (3) Vibratory Bowl Feeder mounted on a Quick Empty Stand, and (4) Feeder Bowl mounted on the vibratory feeder to feed seeds into counting head.

Main Features750-2750-2C1000sw
Total count of sample
ASCII transmission through RS232 Tag Format
Total Weight of sample*
Items per weighing units*
Weight of a prefixed number of items
Sample Identification*
Label Printing
ZPL only*
Data log Printing Zebra*
Programming Language
Epson Standard Code
Data collection in Memory Card
XML Format

Pre-configured complete systems

Select an Option:

    Make note that all complete systems listed above include the following standard specifications:
  • Voltage: 125 volt 60 Hz Standard
  • May be ordered for 220 volt. 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Bowl: 10" General Purpose Standard.
  • May be ordered with 7 inch small grain, 7 inch large grain or 7 inch low profile.
  • If selected unit has weighing capabilities, as standard it has a sample's capacity of 500 g.
  • Quick empty stand for vibratory feeder Standard.
  • Any 750-2C system may be ordered for additional cost with a hand held bar code scanner, that plugs into the unit to read 1D or 2D barcodes.
  • All prices are FOB Factory.
  • Prices in US dollars

Summary of Pre-Configured Complete Systems

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 Totalize System 750-2
  May 18-2024

Totalize System Only

  Totalize System
















One heavy weight, corrugated box, 70 pounds

Typically use for inventory or quality control applications where where the total count of a given lot, volume, or weight is needed.





  • Prices in US dollars, subject to change, FOB Factory
  • Units arre warranted (limited warranty) for two years from date of shipment
  • Quick Empty Stand for vibratory feeder is standard for all models
  • All Systems may be ordered for 125 or 220 volt and for 60 or 50 Hz
  • All sistems may be ordered for 10" or 7" bowl sizes
  • Selected Models can be ordered with a hand held bar code scanner
  • Selected Models can be ordered with a label printer or log ticket printer
  • Salected models can be orderd with different weighing capacity
  • All 750-2C system have serial communication
  • The accessories for the 750-2C model can be purchased later, and only in some cases it is necessary to send the control cabinet to the factory for re-configuration.

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