Total Count Weight Relationship


From the 750-2C family, we introduce a new system which can automatically count a fixed number of seed and obtain its total weight, this information can be used to update the count-weight relationship of a bagging system or keep record on a spread sheet. The 1000sw can transmit the totals or just the seed per weighing units information of the sample through a serial port using its serial interface. All other features for this family of total systems are also available, such as sample identification, data collection and printing.


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Main Features750-2750-2C1000sw
Total count of sample
ASCII transmission through RS232 Tag Format
Total Weight of sample*
Items per weighing units*
Weight of a prefixed number of items
Sample Identification*
Label Printing
ZPL only*
Data log Printing Zebra*
Programming Language
Epson Standard Code
Data collection in Memory Card
XML Format

Pre-configured complete systems

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    Make note that all complete systems listed above include the following standard specifications:
  • Voltage: 125 volt 60 Hz Standard
  • May be ordered for 220 volt. 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Bowl: 10" General Purpose Standard.
  • May be ordered with 7 inch small grain, 7 inch large grain or 7 inch low profile.
  • If selected unit has weighing capabilities, as standard it has a sample's capacity of 500 g.
  • Quick empty stand for vibratory feeder Standard.
  • Any 750-2C system may be ordered for additional cost with a hand held bar code scanner, that plugs into the unit to read 1D or 2D barcodes.
  • All prices are FOB Factory.
  • Prices in US dollars

Summary of Pre-Configured Complete Systems

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 Totalize System 750-2
  May 18-2024

Totalize System Only

  Totalize System
















One heavy weight, corrugated box, 70 pounds

Typically use for inventory or quality control applications where where the total count of a given lot, volume, or weight is needed.





  • Prices in US dollars, subject to change, FOB Factory
  • Units arre warranted (limited warranty) for two years from date of shipment
  • Quick Empty Stand for vibratory feeder is standard for all models
  • All Systems may be ordered for 125 or 220 volt and for 60 or 50 Hz
  • All sistems may be ordered for 10" or 7" bowl sizes
  • Selected Models can be ordered with a hand held bar code scanner
  • Selected Models can be ordered with a label printer or log ticket printer
  • Salected models can be orderd with different weighing capacity
  • All 750-2C system have serial communication
  • The accessories for the 750-2C model can be purchased later, and only in some cases it is necessary to send the control cabinet to the factory for re-configuration.

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