Model 750-2C

Largely the 750-2 totalize Only unit is purchased for determining weight/count relationships for production and packaging purposes and this unit will continue in production. A number of customers have requested changes and improvements to do this more efficiently, including automatically computing of seeds per pound or kilogram and entering it into an external computer spread sheet without operatory attention.



We have developed a totally new model, the 750-2C, which can automatically read the sample's identification, determine the total count and weight of every sample, collect data into a file, transmit directly to a spread sheet, print labels or simple paper printing. This system has the same processor used in our other counters but in addition has a new large, bright, high contrast OLED display that can present more messages.


Various versions of the 750-2C are available, all with RS-232 communication capabilities. An additional unit was developed specifically for 1000 Count Weight Determination, which counts exactly 1000 seeds and accurately and rapidly determines this information. Read more here!