Eliminate operator steps when packeting using the Excess Seed Repack Accessory.
Also known as ESRA, this accessory sits to the right of the counting head and seed feeder.
Any seed emptied from the feeder bowl at the conclusion of a packeting program is collected by the unit and conveyed to a discharge chute on which the supply envelope has been placed after the seed has emptied into the feeder bowl.
Additionally, any seed diverted from the side of the counting head by the In-Transit Diverter is also conveyed to the supply packet.
Made of 22 gage stainless steel, the unit can be added to any model Old Mill Seed Counter.
Use of this unit requires that the height of the counting head, and the dual packeting chute assembly be increased using an adapter kit supplied with the unit.
The height of the feeder base stand must also be increased. All new counting systems are now supplied with a feeder base stand adjustable in height.


A new vacuum system has been developed specifically for the Old Mill Seed Counters which will remove any loose seed treatment dust or other foreign material from the stream of seeds being fed into the seed counter.
The vacuum unit is a quiet (less than 65 dbA) long life motor assembly including easily replaced filters which separate the dust and other foreign material from the air stream. A prefilter separates larger particles from the airstream prior to the main filter, thereby ensuring increased life of the main filter.
In addition to increasing personnel safety due to elimination of airborn dust, increased counting accuracy is obtained by eliminating light foreign material.

Treated Seed Vacuum

Additional minutes are saved for each sample if the feeder base stand is equipped with the Automatic Seed Clean-Out Accessory.
This unit adds a motor drive and control to the quick empty feeder base stand so that, when used with the Excess Seed Repack Accessory, it will automatically empty ALL seed remaining in the feeder bowl at the end of the packeting program and return to operate position, ready for the next seed sample.
This allows the operator to concentrate on the packeting process, reducing errors and speeding up the packeting process. If the ESRA unit is equipped with the supply envelope sensing control, the unit will not empty unless the supply envelope is in place on the discharge chute of the ESRA unit.
The Quick Empty Feeder Base Stand (standard) and the Automatic Clean-Out Accessoty make this process faster.

Seed Clean Out

We now offer two lines of balances. HT series for professional laboratory use has achieved reliable analytical weighing with all of tuning-fork sensor advantages. No warm-up time, energy saver, stable indication, long term reliability, etc. HT series provides you with comfortable and reliable weighing operation in everyday laboratory works with wide weighing range from 0.1mg to 31kg.

The industrial line of balances cover a wide range of requirements, aluminium alloy, tough housing, high resolution, water and dust proof, stainless steel housing, hazardous area use, etc. SJ series offers basic applications in user-friendly operations to make weighing work easier : percentage weighing, counting, comparator, etc… SJ series offers short stabilization time and stable indication. It promises stress-free weighing routine works. See Balances

Electronic Balances

We offer two mayor lines of bar code scanners the general purpose DS4208 delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D bar codes, allowing you to accommodate 2D bar codes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance. Users never need to take time to align the bar code with the scanner or pause between scans. You can capture bar codes printed on paper labels. You get industry-leading scanning speed on every bar code; true point-and-shoot first time scanning simplicity on even damaged and poorly printed bar codes; and a durable design for all day everyday reliability — all at an affordable price.

Scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes on paper, mobile phones and computer displays, Scan virtually any bar code on any medium; supports the technology your customers are embracing — electronic bar codes

Omnidirectional scan pattern. Eliminates the need to align bar code and scanner. Supports all common interfaces including the keyboard wedge. Easy integration with your existing technology environment; easily migrate to new hosts. Rugged design. Built to last, providing reliable operation despite drops

The other line of bar code we propose, can help you on many other professional applications, since DS6700 1D/2D Imager Scanner combines the functionality of a bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single, cost-effective device. From point-and-shoot simplicity to accurate bar code scanning to capturing full-size documents, this device is the right tool for the job. Text enhancement technology makes the scanner able to handle even the finest-grain text. Omni-directional scanning and a wide working range means that even novice users can begin scanning with minimal training. Supports for all major 1D, PDF, postal and 2D symbologies. Rugged design. Withstands multiple drops, minimizing downtime. Tempered glass exit window. Gives enhanced visibility. Multiple on-board interfaces and universal cable. Ensures compatibility with future technology.


Very useful when used with Counter Model U, making easier to find the supply material in a packeting program or when using pre-labeled envelopes, so a match of every one is needed before start counting.


Zebra’s G-Series compact desktop printers for print widths up to 4 inches deliver best-in-class speed and performance. Choose the space-saving direct thermal version for the smallest footprint of any 4-inch desktop printer, or the direct thermal/thermal transfer version to save users time with the easiest ribbon-loading system available. An improved print head provides 203 dpi resolution.

G-Series printers fit in perfectly with other Zebra printers. And a variety of connectivity options makes them easy to integrate into existing local or networked systems. These models provide a sturdy double-walled case design and come equipped with a new-generation of controller board motor and power supply that drive the printer at 5 inches per second!

They support linear and two dimensional barcodes and come standard with triple connectivity: USB, parallel, serial.

When used with Counters Model 750-2C or Model U, is possible to print labels for each counted packet. Using a default label template or your own.

Label Printers

There are two different types of vial filling accessories, one mounts on the Dual Packeting Chute Assembly for the operator to change vial from side to side as they are filled.

And for more operator freedom we now have a Vial Filling Manifold.

Vial Filling

A lot storage holds the counted items while the counting is proceeding and releases it when the complete count is reached and a request for delivery of the lot is received from and external system such as a packaging machine.
This allows the counter to be completing a counted lot while the external machine is cycling and cannot receive parts.
Both single and dual lot storage accessories are available, the dual storage unit increasing the system operating rate (the dual storage operates with a modified dual packeting chute assembly) because counting can continue on one lot while the other completed lot is discharged into the packaging machine.

External Bulk Supply Hopper-----This is for applications where large volumes of seeds or parts are needed as the system operates. It will store up to 1 cubic foot of material and feed it into the bowl feeder as needed to keep the operating level optimum and reduce operator need to frequently add parts to the system.

Many other accessories are available for use with most models of the lot size counters to improve performance, adapt to special requirements, or to coordinate with systems such as automatic packaging machines.

Supply Hopper

Air Operated Dual Chute is now available, which eliminates problems related to count heavily treated seed.

Dual Chute

The lamp used in the Old Mill Seed Counter is no longer available. A modification is available that uses a long life LED light source providing similar performance to that obtained with previous lamp.

Counter model 900-2 now has a software update, that enables the unit to program up to 50 different groups, in previous versions it only had 10 groups.

For applications where 4 and only 4 packets must be produced from each sample, an accessory for the Lot Size Counter has been developed on which 4 packets can be placed and the system will fill the 4 packets with whatever count is needed, without further operator attention.

Quad Chute



Expand Packet Filling Nose


This modified dual chute nose solves the problem of seeds building up in a thin layer in a flat packet when putting a high count. By means of 4 stainless steel fingers that extend in to the packet and expands the packet as it is put on the filling chute, this way seeds accumulate in the bottom.

Filling Nose