Seed Weight Sorter

Operation is completely automatic with the unit feeding one seed at a time to the weigh cell located on a high sensitivity (0.1 milligram) electronic balance. With this expanded range we can now sort seeds as small as 2 mg or the size of alfalfa or other grass seeds.

When the balance has reached a stable balance the control unit classifies the weight to determine the weight category into which it should be delivered, the seed is discharged from the weigh cell and distributed to that location by a high speed distributor.

As the seed is being delivered to the required destination the next seed is delivered to the weigh cell and the process repeated.

The control unit, a specialized Old Mill Model U Counter, includes custom software to aid in selecting weight sort intervals and additionally, computes various seed weight and count data including a standard deviation if needed.
A specific number of seeds may be preset, for example, 200, or the entire group of seeds may be tested.

Data obtained may be exported via an RS-232 data line or held in the C-Flash memory card (each unit has a C-Flash card reader) for later transfer to an external computer or other data handling system.

Weight Sorter