Comparison Of Features Of Different Models

Feature or CharacteristicModel 750-2Model 750-2C1000swModel 850-3Model 900-2Model U
Total Counting
Lot Size (Batching) Counting (19) (1) (2) (3)
Packet Sensing Dual Chute Standard (4) (4) (4)
Single Packeting Chute Accessory (Option) (5) (5) (6)
Quick Empty Feeder Base Stand (Standard)
Vibratory Feeder with 10” Bowl Standard (7)
Set-Up Control Adjustment Secure(8)
Feed Rate slows when approaching full lot (9)
Foreign Material error reduction control (10)
Part Diverter for Accurate Lot Counts (11)
Electronic Control System Characteristics(12) DL SC SC SC SC SC
Display Characteristics (13) LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD
Number of Display Lines 1 2 2 2 4 4
Data Port, Bi-Directional RS-232
Audible Signal at packet program end (14)
Number of digits in Totalize mode 999,999 999,999 999,999 999,999 999,999 999,999
Maximum count per packet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 99,999 99,999 99,999
Maximum Count of Packets (15) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 9,999 9,999 9,999
Ability to count very wide item size range (16)
Provision for easy future control upgrade (17)
Desktop Computer Programming
Automatic Clean-Out Options
Bar Code Scanner Interface
Electronic Balance Interface
Label Printer Interface
Compact Flash Memory Card
Data Collection
Pre-labeled Packet Scanning
  • Only one packeting group can be entered at once.
  • Up to 50 packeting groups can be entered at once.
  • Up to 499 packeting groups can be programmed.
  • Cannot be used with this model.
  • Can be used only if ordered without the dual packeting chute. (special order)
  • Can operate with single or dual packeting chutes.
  • Vibratory Feeder also available with a 7 inch bowl small grain bowl, 7 inch large grain bowl. Or 7 inch low profile narrow track bowl, or 7 inch low profile wide track bowl on special order at additional cost.
  • Located on an inner panel accessible through a door in the top of the cabinet so that accidental changes in control settings are prevented.
  • Slow Down Switch on inner control panel can be set to OFF, or to slow down at 6 or 12 before the set lot size for increased accuracy at high feed rates.
  • Signals due to foreign material that is significantly smaller than items being counted may be eliminated by adjustment of the Sensitivity Control, which adjusts the magnitude of the signal and the Length Rejection Control which eliminates signals of shorter duration than that of the item being counted. These controls are located on the inner panel.
  • In-Transit Diverter very much increases accuracy of lot sizing by diverting any items in transit at the conclusion of the lot count into a container external to the counting head.
  • “DL” Dedicated Logic control is solid state CMOS logic. “SC” Software Controlled PC-Type Computer Control with plug-in field changeable software module.
  • “LCD” Liquid Crystal Display with back lighting is now standard in all models.
  • Announciator will signal conclusion of the packeting program.
  • Model 850-3 will indicate on the display the number of packets produced and may also be preset to limit operation at a selected quantity of packets up to the maximum number indicated.
    Model 900-2 will indicate on the display the number of packets completed in each group and will limit operation to the maximum number programmed for that goup.
  • All counter models have sensitivity provision to count very small items, that is, extremely small seeds and machine parts up to larger items where the maximum size is limited by the counting head entrance chute. Size range is largely determined by the particular feeder bowl supplied with the vibratory feeder as noted in Note No. 7 above.
  • Software control resides in a plug-in module which can be easily replaced by the operator to add new features or performance. Software may also be downloaded via the RS-232 port from an external PC and new program disk, thereby eliminating obsolescence of the system.
  • Configurable option to scan each packet before start packeting.
  • Only a pre-configured number of items, commonly 1000