FAQ Commercial

Payment And Credit 

Payment may be made by credit card. Both VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.

Standard terms are 2%-10 days, net 30 days for sales with approved credit. If credit has not been established, bank information and 3 commercial references must be supplied at least 15 days prior to shipment.

If credit is not established, payment in full, in US Dollars, must be made by wire transfer into our bank or payment by check drawn on a US bank, at least 15 days prior to shipment. If full prepayment is to be made the 2% discount may be taken.

Service & Warranty

Service for all Old Mill Counting Systems and other products is provided from San Antonio, Texas. On-site field service is also available by special arrangement.

Repair and spare parts are maintained in inventory for all units except for special products and for units more than 15 years old for which repair time is typically 10 days.

It is recommended when returning a unit for service to include (1) the name and address to which the unit should be returned, (2) a description of the malfunction, (3) the telephone number of the individual knowledgeable of the malfunction, and (4) the name of the individual whose telephone number is given.

A testing, adjustment, repair and calibration service is also available for units where use is during a heavy work period when accuracy and performance is critical.

A two day “fast turn-around” (called FTA Service) repair service is offered at a moderate additional cost.


All units are warranted (limited warranty) for two years from the date of shipment unless otherwise noted when purchased.

Warranty repair includes parts and labor for units returned freight prepaid within the one year period. Return shipment is by freight collect or prepaid and invoiced to the customer, as arranged at the time of repair.