Model U

This System is for complex packeting programs, with the ability to read bar codes and print labels.

Packeting programs can be loaded into the counter by different means. The unit will not begin packeting unless the bar code of the packets is the same with that indicated by the data base residing in the counter.

The System consists of the Model U Counter Control Unit, Bar Code Reader and items 2,3,4, and 5 listed for the Model 850-3 Counter System.


New operating features as:

  • Microsoft Excel programming
  • Check envelope code before each packet is counted
  • Automatically go to the next packeting group if it uses the same material
  • Automatic label printing
  • Compact Flash Memory Card to load programs or to collect data
  • New Automatic Clean-Out Accessories
  • Audible alerts to help operation

New accesories as:

  • Label Printer
  • Automatic Clean-Out
  • Excess Seed Repack
  • Treated Seed Vaccum unit
  • Electronic Balance