Lot Size Unit

Programmable Lot Size Units

These units use a new technology. Having a software-based PC computer control as the operating system.


This Lot Size System is used for packeting by count. The number of packets to be produced and the count per packet can be selected using its numeric keypad. Computer control allows coordination with other external systems (multiple units may be interconnected into systems for multi-part kit packaging) as well as interfacing with an external computer through an RS-232 link for data interchange. It can also be used as a totalize unit.

Software control also permits easy program updating to accommodate new accessories and operating modes, there by eliminating obsolescence.

The System consists of (1) a Model 850-3 Counter Control, (2) a Counting Head (Lot Size type with In-Transit Diverter) and Head Support mounted on system base plate, (3) a Vibratory Feeder mounted on a Quick Empty Stand, (4) a Feeder Bowl mounted on the vibratory feeder to feed seeds into the counting head, and (5) a Dual Packeting Chute with Packet Sensing, which holds packets in place for filling.