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International Marketing and Design is an engineering and manufacturing company that designs and produces high quality equipment for many different industries. Our equipment is used through the world in research activities in bio-engineering , manufacturing, quality control, and in the packaging industry and in the greenhouse industry.

Old Mill Equipment is known for its quality and reliability. Our products have been in use since 1961 and supply both factory and field service as well as technical support.

Our standard products include counting, packaging, and handling machines for small irregularly shaped parts such as seeds, electrical connector parts, hardware, and machine and plastic parts. New equipment designs incorporate software controlled PC Computer Controls . All units allow easy updating of software (software resides in a plug-in module) guarding against obsolescence. The control software may also be upgraded using the RS-232 port and downloading from an external PC and a new program disk.

IMD distributes and service all Old Mill products

Worldwide representative for sales and service of all Old Mill products.