Greenhouse Flat Seeding Equipment

The operating principle of the Old Mill Seed Counter, that is, feeding seeds one at a time to a high sensitivity detector, has been extended to the seeding of plug flats and other greenhouse flats.
The seeder automatically drops one or more seeds into each cavity of the flat (the cavity having previously been filled with soil) at a rate up to 20,000 seeds per hour.
Because the seeder is detecting and responding to the seeds one at a time, it will operate with high accuracy with a small volume of seed and will seed accurately down to the last seed.
It includes a conveyor to move the flats beneath the seeding head so that the only operator function is to supply flats to be seeded that have been filled with soil and removing flats that have been seeded.

A Conveyorized Automatic Covering Overcoater is also available to cover the seeds after seeding.
Three models of the seeding unit are available, the Model 615-2, the higher speed Model 615-3, and the Model 615-3L for larger seeds such as corn, squash, and melon.
Many units have been in operation for more than 15 years.

Flat Seeder